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Pentest: improve your security posture

Pentesting enables you to identify weaknesses in your environment by simulating real attacks.

Victrix offers to carry out penetration testing campaigns and, with a 360° approach, to support you in plugging identified vulnerabilities.

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Audit de sécurité à travers l'offre pentest de Victrix

Our 2 solutions for your intrusion tests

Victrix offers both Pentest as a Service and traditional intrusion testing, allowing us to tailor a solution to your specific business needs.

Pentest as a Service (PTaaS)

Agile execution of multiple pentests throughout the year

Traditional Pentest

Completion of a security audit with a real-world situation


Why perform a penetration test?


Pentesting is necessary to maintain a high level of protection.

Penetration testing is essential to :

  • Identify and reduce your attack surface,
  • Strengthen the confidence of your customers and partners,
  • Align security with your business needs


Pentests are a requirement of international standards (ISO27001, SOC2, PCI, HIPAA, etc.).
Our teams use best practices to carry out your tests:


Certification réalisation de tests d'intrusion





Perform a penetration testing campaign

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The different perimeters on which to perform an intrusion test


Victrix can test your entire organization with multiple targets.

Contact us to define the scope of your penetration testing.





Social engineering


IoT Connected devices


Web / Applications



The Different Types of Penetration Tests


White box

Extensive knowledge of the organization

Test as a developer


Grey box

Some knowledge of the organization

Test as a user with access to specific data


Black box

No knowledge of the organization

Test as a hacker

Victrix: Support beyond penetration testing

Victrix offers a 360° approach, from identification to resolution of your security challenges.

We are committed to maintaining your level of protection over time, while increasing the value of your cybersecurity investments.

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