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AWS Services by Cloud Solutions Experts

Take advantage of a service model that promotes scalability and simplifies management with our AWS services. Our cloud services experts design tailored migration strategies to optimize your performance and meet your organization’s specific needs.

Victrix is the AWS services provider you need to propel you smoothly and securely onto the Amazon Web Services platform.


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What Is the AWS Cloud Solution for Business?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular cloud computing platform for organizations of all sizes. It offers services and solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of organizations in terms of:

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud security
  • Data analysis
  • Data backup
  • Custom application development
  • And much more.
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Why Choose AWS for Your Organization?

The AWS cloud computing platform offers organizations all the flexibility, security, accessibility and scalability they need to improve their operational performance.

Our AWS-certified consultants have advanced expertise with different types of Amazon Cloud Services (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS). We have the skills and experience to help you with Amazon EC2 (IAAS), AWS Elastic Beanstalk (PAAS) and all AWS SAAS solutions.

Rely on our team to ensure smooth, efficient migration of your applications to AWS.

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AWS Services Available at Victrix


Analysis & Optimization

OLA: license optimization and compliance assessment

Cost analysis and optimization (total cost of ownership TCO, cloud computing costs related to target environment)

Interdependency analysis (Cloudamize)

Evaluating performance and resource utilization

Comprehensive security posture analysis with overview, security alerts and compliance status of customer environment

Visualization of application dependencies and performance in the local environment


Migration Analysis

Assessment and feasibility analysis of migration from on-premises environment to AWS web services Analysis and insights into the challenges of migrating your database to AWS Assessment and analysis of client and application workload architecture in AWS Analysis, identification and management of unintentional access to AWS resources Analysis and assessment of cloud migration readiness and presentation of a unified view of migration status

Migration Strategy

Adherence to the 6 Rs of migration (Rehost, Replatform, Repurchase, Refactor, Retire or Retain)

IAAS, PAAS and SAAS migration

Lift-and-Shift migration management; Server Migration Service (SMS) and Datacenter Migration Service (DMS)

Disaster recovery solutions

Data backup solutions

Secure migration with AWS CloudEndure and the AWS Snow family



Strategy tailored to specific needs and objectives

Robust security controls designed for multi-cloud environments

Smooth, secure and efficient migration to reduce downtime and minimize disruption

Simplify monitoring, compliance and governance to save time and resources


Cloud AWS Security

Personalized security strategy

Protection against identity-related threats

Securing devices and terminals

Enhanced application security

Encryption and protection for data centers

Compliance, security and load balancing

Designing a robust network security perimeter

Compliance with Government of Canada security requirements (ISO, PCI standards, Law 25)

Cloud Native (AWS) security solutions


Organizational Transformation

Modernize your environment with a cloud-based virtual desktop (AWS WorkSpaces)

Centralized management of desktop applications from any device

Mobility and security with Amazon WorkLink

Access management

Improved collaboration with WorkDocs, a secure, fully managed document management service

Holistic protection for your Big Data with AWS Backup

AWS Partnership


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The Victrix Approach to Smooth, Secure and Efficient Migration

Comprehensive Analysis—AWS Experts' Advice—Personalized Enterprise Support

Victrix goes far beyond the traditional IT managed services offering with its specialized AWS solutions and services. We offer organizations the opportunity to develop a scalable productivity platform that simplifies operations management, secures their data and improves overall operational performance.

Discover our proven methodology and choose our experts to ensure the success of your technological transformation project to the AWS platform.

Analysis & Assessment of the Technological Situation

Feasibility assessment

Cost analysis and optimization

Ensuring the reliability of workloads and applications

Strategy Planning and Recommendations

Plan a smooth migration with minimal impact on your environments (risk management)

Ensuring operational excellence, an impeccable safety posture, compliance and performance

Respecting the 6 Rs of migration

Meet your migration challenges (data center migration, hybrid cloud, cloud-to-cloud, database and mainframe applications)

Personalized Support from Cloud Computing Service Experts

Strategy actualization

Application of patches to existing architecture

Migration and deployment of the first identity service

Migration and deployment of other services

Provide a complete overview of migration status

Launch Your Cloud Migration Project With Victrix

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