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Microsoft Azure Cloud Services & Migration by Experts  

Accelerate your transition to the Azure platform with Microsoft Azure cloud services from our cloud solutions experts. Victrix helps organizations migrate to cloud infrastructures to benefit from the increased agility, impeccable security posture and accessibility offered by these solutions.

Simplify your workload management and support your scalability with a tailored Azure migration strategy. Our cloud experts are Microsoft Solutions Partner certified, ensuring a safe and smooth migration process.

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Microsoft Azure cloud services from the cloud experts at Victrix.

What Is Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform offering comprehensive cloud services for deploying, managing and optimizing enterprise applications and IT resources.

When we talk about the benefits of Azure architecture, flexibility and cost-effectiveness top the list. This platform effectively meets the specific needs of organizations in terms of:

  • Cloud infrastructure services
  • Cloud security
  • Data analysis and backup
  • Development of customized applications
  • And much more

Why Choose to Migrate Your Organization to Azure?

Business leaders looking for end-to-end cloud-based solutions could benefit from migrating to Microsoft Azure. This solution has been recognized worldwide for its effective response to diverse IT needs.

The Azure portal also benefits from the familiarity of Microsoft products. For many, this makes learning how to use it much more manageable. Azure’s user-friendly, graphical interface makes it easy to manage cloud resources, even for those without programming or command-line skills.


Microsoft Azure Cloud Benefits

With Microsoft Azure services, create custom business applications, manage complex workloads, secure your data centers and benefit from the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual machine (IOT) technologies.

With unrivalled flexibility and scalability, Azure enables organizations to evolve ahead of change without ever sacrificing security and compliance.

If you’re looking to migrate your Windows server to Microsoft Azure, our team offers you personalized support with a roadmap and total transparency on your migration status. Choose our professional services for a smooth digital transformation!

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Migrate Your Organization to Microsoft Azure

Our Microsoft Azure Managed Services


Analysis & Optimization

Advanced architecture analysis and cost optimization

Total cost of ownership (TCO) and cost estimates based on the configuration level of one or more cloud services in Azure

Microsoft Cloud support to help our customers monitor, allocate and optimize their workloads using Azure tools

Configuration and metrics analysis to offer our customers expert recommendations on the best ways to use Azure cloud services.

Estimation of costs, savings and eligible and usable instances (Windows VMs and SQL solutions) in Azure based on our customers’ license levels (Software Assurance)


Migration Analysis

Feasibility analysis of migration to Microsoft Azure cloud computing environment
Assessing and understanding migration challenges
Assessment and reliability of client workloads, architecture and applications in Azure
Estimated savings from migrating workloads to the cloud
Cloud migration readiness analysis with Azure SMART, the strategic migration assessment and readiness tool & Azure Migrate


Migration Strategy

Application of the 6 Rs of migration (Rehost, Replatform, Repurchase, Refactor, Retire or Retain)
IaaS (VM Azure), PaaS (App Service) and SaaS migration
Lift-and-Shift migration management service; Azure Migrate for VMware or Hyper-V hosted workloads and VM or physical servers (virtual desktops, data centers, data and web applications)
Business continuity and disaster recovery solutions
Data migration solutions
Data protection and tailored migration solutions for data centers
Migrate hybrid cloud, cloud-to-cloud, applications, databases and mainframes with Azure Migrate



Compliance with CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) and WAF (Well-Architected Framework) principles
Accelerate, simplify, automate and optimize your multi-cloud deployments
Develop a governance plan based on best practices for multi-cloud management
Robust security controls for your multi-cloud environment
Monitoring, security and compliance for multi-cloud environments
Smooth, secure and efficient migration to limit downtime and minimize disruption
Cover all your multi-cloud needs (analytics, Business Intelligence, cloud storage, identity, network, cloud backup, application, etc.)


Cloud Security

Protection of workloads, multi-cloud and hybrid environments
Encryption and protection of sensitive data and data centers
Offer a secure, centralized and fully managed remote access model
Consolidate cloud identity and offer a secure, centralized authentication model (access management)
Securing devices, terminals and applications
Implementing Azure security policies and compliance
Monitoring and alerting with Azure metrics and logging
Detect threats and offer predictive responses using connectors and Azure Sentinel learning models
Compliance with Government of Canada security requirements (ISO, PCI standards, Law 25)
Proactive SIEM/SOAR solutions to detect, investigate and respond to potential threats


Organizational Transformation

Modernize your environment with Azure Virtual Desktop, a DAAS (Desktop as a Service) workstation based on the Azure cloud
Windows 365 to give mobile users secure remote access to the organization’s internal network, data and applications


Microsoft Solution Partner and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider  


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Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and Specializations Endorsed by Microsoft

After an in-depth study by Microsoft or a third-party auditor, some partners are recognized as meeting Microsoft’s most stringent standards in a specific solution area. Microsoft recognizes Victrix in the following solution area:


  • Cloud security
  • Protection against threats
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Our Cloud Adoption Framework methodology

Strategy— Planning— Deployment— Governance— Security

Victrix specializes in IT managed services and cloud support and solutions. As technology services providers, we offer our customers everything they need to ensure their operational excellence, robust security posture, compliance and cloud infrastructure performance.

Trust our Microsoft Azure support experts to help you build a scalable productivity platform that makes it easy to manage your workloads, strengthens your data security and accelerates your business.


  • Acceleration of cloud platform services adoption
  • Organizational motivation
  • Expected results
  • Financial considerations
  • Technical considerations


  • Accelerated adoption of cloud solution services
  • Introducing the concepts
  • Estimated costs per workload
  • Cloud foundation design
  • Prioritization of workloads to migrate
  • Alignment with business priorities
  • Planning of the new roles required


  • Accelerated workload migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Setting up the foundation
  • Minimal governance
  • Completion of a proof of concept
  • Graduation from proof of concept to production


  • Iterative process to reinforce best practices in Microsoft Azure
  • Governance tools
  • Review of maturity vectors
  • Cost management discipline
  • Covering the Azure basics in terms of security
  • Resource consistency discipline


  • Continuous improvement of security in Microsoft Azure
  • Mapping of roles and responsibilities
  • Security strategy
  • Information management
  • Risk management
  • Compliance

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