Demystifying All Microsoft Viva Apps

Microsoft Viva applications to enhance the employee experience at every level.

Are you familiar with all Microsoft Viva apps, and do you know how to capitalize on their features? Organizations looking for solutions to improve internal communications, productivity, and employee engagement have much to gain from integrating an employee experience platform as powerful as Viva.

With a powerful suite of applications and a team specialized in enterprise productivity solutions, your organization will have a clear path to success.

The Microsoft Viva Suite: What Is It?

Microsoft Viva offers much more than the traditional corporate intranet experience. Beyond its communications capabilities, Viva provides an innovative suite of applications to transform how organizations manage communications, collaboration and employee well-being.


How Much Do Microsoft Viva Apps Cost?

Microsoft Viva product pricing fluctuates based on the degree of personalization as well as the number of applications and users. Prices range from CAD $2.70 to CAD $16.30 per user per month, with the latter price applying to the complete Microsoft Viva suite.

Some features of Microsoft Viva Connections, Viva Engage and Viva Learning are even available at no additional cost within the Microsoft 365 licenses you may already own.

Microsoft suites offer a host of applications and functionalities that are too often unused by organizations. Our experts can help you exploit Microsoft tools more effectively.

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How Do You Set Up the Microsoft Viva Platform for a Personalized Experience?

Like all Microsoft products, Viva benefits from a certain familiarity. However, it is essential to use good integration practices to prepare for launch and adoption by end-users.

We strongly recommend enlisting the help of a team specializing in Microsoft solutions to simplify the adoption process and customize applications for specific roles and users.

Bespoke Microsoft Applications to Manage Your Internal Communications, Increase Productivity and Boost Workplace Engagement and Well-Being

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What Is Microsoft Viva Connections?

  • First step towards a corporate intranet and centralized communications
  • Enhanced mobile experience for frontline workers
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams for a seamless experience

Microsoft Viva Amplify, a Powerful Complement to Your Enterprise Intranet

  • Structured omnichannel internal communications
  • Targeted, automated theme-based campaigns
  • Measurement of recipient engagement

What Are Microsoft Viva Insights, Viva Glint and Viva Pulse Used For?

  • Strengthening relationships between teams and managers
  • Customized dashboards based on roles and users
  • Targeted surveys and polls
  • Measures of employee well-being
  • Organizational health indicators
  • Integration with your other HR tools for a global view of the employee experience

Viva Engage to Facilitate Exchanges and Interactions

  • Engaging employees through discussions and interest communities
  • Highlighting internal influencers within organizations
  • New opportunities to bring senior management closer to employees

Viva Learning, Microsoft's Learning Application

  • Easy access to your organization's learning resources
  • Personalized training paths
  • Skills tracking and progress measurement
  • Easy integration of content from your LMS

Microsoft Viva Goals to Rally Your Entire Workforce Around Your Organizational Goals

  • Based on OKR methodology
  • Align the flow of work between teams and the company's strategic priorities
  • Monitoring progress and performance

The Many Benefits of Microsoft Viva Applications

With a comprehensive suite of applications to help manage engagement, improve focus time and productivity, and simplify communications, Viva is a powerful resource for any modern enterprise. Here are some key benefits of integrating Viva tools into your workflow.

  • An effective two-way internal communications strategy
  • Centralize resources under a single platform to facilitate exchanges and improve productivity
  • An enhanced employee experience tailored to your working methods
  • Promote participation initiatives to strengthen corporate culture and employee engagement
  • Improve collaboration with mobility: stay connected, wherever your employees work
  • Encourage knowledge sharing and continuous development
  • Access to usable data to simplify managers' work
  • Planning and automation tools for your important communications

Microsoft Viva Apps to Support Your Corporate Community and Business Objectives

To offer your teams the best possible employee experience platform, choose the Microsoft Viva suite. Victrix's Microsoft solutions experts will support you at every stage of your Viva integration project.

Trust our team to develop the tools that will simplify your employees' day-to-day workflow.

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