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Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Viva
Beyond Corporate Intranet

Boost the employee experience better than modern intranets with a solution based on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva.
Victrix offers tailored support to create a truly unified experience and improve employee engagement, integration, and productivity.

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Align Your Employer Brand and Employee Experience

Optimizing your organization's internal communication strategy is essential to your digital transformation. By improving your strategy, you'll be able to meet the multiple needs of your managers:

  • Effective internal communications
  • Enhance your employer brand and company culture
  • Improving employee integration and retention
  • Boost productivity


As well as those of your employees:

  • Helping employees better understand the organization
  • Quickly access the information and subjects that interest them in the digital environment
  • Facilitating access and use of the tools available to them
  • Improving employees' communication by facilitating the sharing of information between different departments and human resources


Our Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva Offer: Building a Unified Experience for Your Employees

Victrix has industry leading experience with Microsoft 365 solutions and the Viva suite. We can help you develop collaboration tools and create effective communication channels that meet your organizational needs.

The cornerstones of Victrix's employee platform offering:

  • Creating a global environment that is accessible and easy to understand:

Navigation and architecture that take account of the employee's entire digital workspace

  • Simplifying information searches and knowledge sharing:

Shortening the distance between the user and the desired information

  • Offer a personalized experience:

Pathways and content tailored to different user segments

Schéma de la plateforme employé conçue par Victrix


Key Benefits of Our Employee Experience Platform Based on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva

Beyond a simple integration service for company intranet solutions, Victrix offers the development of a platform that is 100% customized to your needs and objectives. By taking advantage of our services, you will benefit from:

  • Our recognized expertise with Microsoft 365 and Viva solutions (Viva Connections, Viva Engage, Viva Learning, Viva Goals and Viva Sales)
  • 360° support to build a technologically advanced employee experience platform
  • A flexible, scalable offering that is configurable to suit your needs
  • Access to a team of experts in internal comms, application development and process automation
  • Ultimately, a user-friendly, intuitive employee platform that will revolutionize your internal communications and improve productivity.


With the productivity consultants at Victrix by your side, developing a modern and powerful enterprise communications platform has never been easier.

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