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Internet of Things (IoT) – Robust cybersecurity with Victrix

Victrix offers a comprehensive cybersecurity package for the Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure the protection of your connected devices.


Our IoT and OT (Operational Technologies) service includes analysis of your needs, implementation of advanced security measures and continuous real-time monitoring to prevent attacks and guarantee the integrity of your personal data.

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L’offre de cybersécurité IoT (internet des objets) de Victrix et Check Point.


Why Does the Internet of Things Need Robust Cybersecurity?


As the number of IoT devices and objects connected to the network grows, your attack surface expands and your vulnerability increases.

Victrix offers an integrated IoT solution with Check Point to strengthen the security of connected devices and reduce the risk of data breaches.


How we assess your IoT security level


To assess your level of IoT security, we perform a comprehensive analysis of your infrastructure to improve the security of your IoT objects.

This assessment includes:

✅Needs assessment and strategy
✅Inventory and risk assessment
✅Security implementation

✅Monitoring and incident response

✅Auditing and continuous improvement





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Victrix est certifié ISO 27001
How Victrix Ensures the Cybersecurity of Your IoT and OT Systems

Security Strategy and Assessment

In-depth assessment of your specific needs and the current state of your IoT networks. This assessment includes an inventory of connected objects and identification of the associated risks to network-connected devices.

Design and implementation of your security architecture

Define a secure IoT architecture tailored to your needs with scalability and performance in mind.

Management, continuous monitoring, and proactive maintenance

Our rapid response procedures allow us to respond to any intrusion or outage. We also offer comprehensive technical support, including proactive maintenance plans and regular updates to your security software.

Training and personalized support for organizations

By organizing training sessions for your teams, your employees will become familiar with the best practices related to the Internet of Things (IoT). Our personalized support during this transition period also ensures successful adoption of new technologies.

Discover Check Point IoT Protect

Checkpoint IoT Protect is a security solution designed by Check Point to protect IoT devices.

It provides:

  1. Device security: Protection from known and unknown threats.
  2. Visibility and Control: Centralized monitoring of IoT devices.
  3. Threat prevention: Advanced prevention techniques, including packet inspection and behavioral analysis.
  4. Easy Integration: Integrates with existing infrastructure.
  5. Policy-based management: Specific security policies for different devices.
  6. Analysis and reporting: Detailed analysis and reporting.

Discover IoT Protect


IOT Quantum by Check Point partenaire victrix

Victrix: Your IoT Cybersecurity Partner

Protect your data, assets and connected objects with Victrix experts. Our cybersecurity experts provide you with a customized, robust and reliable IoT service that ensures an unrivaled level of protection.
Contact Victrix and our cyber specialists will help your organization safely navigate the IoT era.


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